SUGAWA Embryo Rice Machine

SUGAWA Embryo Rice Machine turns husk, bran and aleurone layer of brown rice into powdery bran form whilst endosperm and embryo parts form embryo rice such that the natural nutrition of rice grain is retained and the objective of quality lifting, efficiency and minimal wastage is achieved. The rice consumed is safe and the whole hulling process is environmental friendly. You may enjoy both the taste of refined white rice and nutritional value of brown rice.



Grain structure and distribution of nutrients

The outer most layer of rice grain is husk, non-edible, below it is bran layer, contains mainly fiber and lipids, underneath is aleurone layer which is rich in Vitamin B complex and non-organic salt. It is also an important source of Vitamin B1. Endosperm is wrapped inside aleurone layer, the major part of grains which contains a rich source of starch and protein. At the side of a grain is embryo or germ which is rich in protein, lipids, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and various micro elements.
Health hazard due to long term consumption of refined rice

“Highly refined” food has been proven to be irrelevant. Despite its softness and fineness, there are various setbacks of refined food. Modern “rich man diseases” such as stroke, diabetes and hypertension are very much related to it. Since vitamins, fiber and micro nutrients of grains are concentrated in aleurone layer and embryo, the more extensive the hulling process is, the more the lost of the nutrients, especially Vitamin B complex. Therefore, refined rice is tasty and easily digested though it is harmful to health and causing Vitamin B1 deficiency easily. Early symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, loss of appetite, constipation and poor work performance, serious cases will cause beriberi and severe health problems. Prolonged fiber deficiency in food intake is also direct or indirect root cause of rectal cancer, diabetes, high blood lipid diseases, constipation, haemorrhoid etc.


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