Cadware Space Oven Wok

Looking like a flying saucer from outer space, it has brought about unlimited surprised and hope… It has quietly landed in the kitchen of each and every home, helping housewives who care for the family to cook better, making them enjoy cooking!

It is the ALL NEW CONVECTION OVEN its caring and human design allows you to easily assemble or disassemble; it is totally suitable for modern housewives who possess ever-changing methods of cooking – fry, boil, deep fry, steam, stew or roast…., makes cooking more enjoyable, with delicious and attractive food each day! You will definitely love your kitchen more!




  • Patent design using five layered aluminum-steel alloy. Does not rust, conducts heat quickly, non-stick and simple to use.
  • Adjustable switch for easy temperature control.
  • Suitable for all types of cooking – fry, deep fry, boil, roast, steam and stew.
  • Unique external features, lasting material, non-stick, easy cleaning.
  • Transparent glass cover allows visual observations and easy control of cooking process.
  • Specially designed seal reduces loss of nutrients during cooking.
  • Does not produce oily smoke, helps keep the kitchen clean, a modern concept in healthy cooking.


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